After clearance with my customer I will take care of the sound image of the event whether it is a concert or a business meeting.
System design
Making sure, every seat in the listening area is covered with same sound is the goal. Thanks to modern tools and long time experience I am going to design your perfect sound system.
I am a specialist in speaker systems, mixing boards, radio microphones an IN-EAR Monitoring systems. Proven technology will be sold only, from world class brands like Meyer Sound, L´Acoustics, Shure, RFVenue, Sennheiser etc.
Any doubts ? I am happy to support you in important decision making processes regarding the world of audio.
I offer tailor-made seminars regarding your group. For example "Mixing for Beginners", "Sound system design" or "How to mix drums"
Custom made redundant playback systems
Looking for a playback system that works redundant? You are perfectly right here. I offer tailor-made solutions for artists that need reliable playback control. Also with programming to integrate video and light cues.


I established my firm in 2008 for audio production. Since then I have worked at over 500 events and quickly made my career to a freelance sound-engineer and audio consultant for live events and fixed installations. Specialized in Front of House (FoH) mixing and system design, my portfolio nowadays reaches also to sales and other projects. Besides my work as an engineer I also studied International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship in Munich (DE), Ljubljana (SLO) and Giessen (DE). I also hold a degree as “Electronics Technician for Automated systems” and further industry certificates like the L´Acoustics K2 certificate etc.


Corporate Events

General Annual Meeting RWE, since 2014

General Annual Meeting e.on, since 2014

HP Enterprise, Discover 2016, London UK

Suzuki press conference, IAA 2017 


Mercedes-Benz me convention 2017 by SXSW

125 Jahre Mercedes Benz 

Siemens Healthcare

Nike leadership summit, Stockholm Sweden

PriceWaterhouseCoopers AG

Deutsche Bank

Music & Public events

Opening Ceremony, Carmen Würth Forum, Künzelsau

G20 summit Hamburg, press briefings

Robe booth at PL&S Frankfurt 2017

McDonalds Benefiz Gala 2016

Deichbrandfestival 2015, 2016

Klassik Open Air 2016, Kassel

Tag der deutschen Einheit, Munich

DTM, ARD German TV - stage 2013, 2014

Championsleague Munich FanFest; FoH 

P!nk, PA support

Billy Idol, ZZ Top



Musicals @ Legoland Deutschland

125 Jahre Ulmer Münster, 2015

Good Weather Forecast, FoH since 2008

The Insyderz, Detroit, Europe Tour

Willow Creek Germany Conferences since 2013

various Festivals

various Tours


Sales & Installation

SampSongs, South Africa

Restoring the Sound, London, UK

Good Weather Forecast

Ecclesia, Roth

Ecclesia, Ulm

Mosaik Kirche, Frankfurt

Mosaik Kirche, Gießen



MADER sound 

Fabian Mader

Wartweg 57

35392 Giessen




Get in touch

+49 151 67 901040